Ingrain: championing sustainability, dispelling myths

“The story behind the timber in each of our pieces is so unique, we want our furniture to reflect that.”

Hydrowood Oak Vanity by Ingrain - Photo: Adam Gibson

Hydrowood Oak Vanity by Ingrain - Photo: Adam Gibson

Giving new life to old wood

“Anybody can have a flatpack piece of mass-produced furniture but how many people can say that that their chair is made from reclaimed Blackwood, that was once buried like treasure in a pristine Tasmanian lake, or a bathroom vanity made from recycled timber salvaged from the iconic Rosella building in Melbourne?”

Ben Purchase of Melbourne-based furniture studio Ingrain, crafts bespoke bathroom vanities, bedside tables and home furniture from recycled and reclaimed timbers. Seeing so much waste come from new builds, Ben says recycled and reclaimed timbers are the only way to go. 

The family-owned and operated workshop and studio source much of their timber from Whelan the Warehouse, who specialize in giving new life to old pieces of hardwood. 

Through our relationship with Whelan the Warehouse, which source these amazing recycled and reclaimed timbers, we have access to a variety of hardwoods
— Ben Purchase, Ingrain

“When buildings are knocked down, instead of going straight into landfill, materials are selectively pulled out. We’re constantly surprised by how many options we have when choosing reclaimed and recycled timbers. 

Ingrain are currently sourcing reclaimed Tasmanian Oak and Blackwood from Whelans. The product is aptly named Hydrowood, having been reclaimed from a forest that was submerged decades ago in a hydroelectric dam. 

“The beautiful variations of species we have been seeing come from Hydrowood and from different demolitions around the country has us really excited to see what will be discovered next.”

“There’s a common misconception that reclaimed and recycled timbers have too many imperfections. People are worried that the wood may look too rustic, the colour inconsistent, the wood dirty or ruined from being submerged under water. 

“We’re here to break these myths and prove that reclaimed and recycled timbers are not only sustainable, they’re also aesthetically beautiful.” 

A one of a kind story calls for a one of a kind piece

Adding an element of warmth and richness to new home builds and renovations, Ingrain’s expert craftsmanship showcases the smoothness of the timber while highlighting the beautiful grain that’s found in Australian hardwoods. 

“We make sure not to overcomplicate our piecesand letthe timber do the talking in all of our designs, offering a timeless, simple and clean aesthetic.”

Ben Purchase of Ingrain - Photo: Adam Gibson

Ben Purchase of Ingrain - Photo: Adam Gibson