In with the old and out with the new

Accustomed to helping home builders choose and source materials for their own projects, one Victorian builder knew exactly where to look to create his dream home in Traralgon using recycled, reclaimed and environmentally conscious materials. Passionate to choose the most sustainable materials and to reduce and reuse when possible, the Gippsland builder selected Hydrowood: reclaimed timber from Tasmania. 


The builder didn’t have to go to Tasmania to access this special timber. Melbourne’s Whelan The Warehouse is the exclusive distributor of Hydrowood on mainland Australia. With a unique history in salvaging timbers from demolition sites around the country, it was the obvious choice to source multiple materials for an environmentally friendly home.


The project brief 

The concept for the Traralgon home was to exude the look and feel of a museum and create a sense of warmth and homeliness. Wood was specified to be used through the majority of the home’s flooring and internal doors. Choosing from Whelan’s extensive range of salvaged, recycled, and re-milled timber, the owner/builder was introduced to a material so unique, he immediately knew it had to be included in the build. 

A timber like no other 

Hyrdowood timbers are sourced from the bottom of a lake. The forest was submerged decades ago to create a hydroelectric dam, now Lake Pieman. Using state of the art forestry technology, the logs are harvested from a barge and pulled to the surface, reclaimed so they can be transformed into stunning timber products. 

 This story, combined with the aesthetic of the wood, is what made this material the star of the new build. Hydrowood Myrtle was chosen for its subtle range of colour throughout the wood. With a neutral and contemporary look throughout the home, the softness and warmth of the Myrtle created a beautiful balance to the other colours, textures and materials chosen. In addition to the home’s floors and internal doors, Hydrowood Myrtle was also used for all of the skirtings. 

“This beautiful Myrtle would otherwise remain under water without the innovation of Hyrdowood. It’s satisfying to know that this timber is not just going to waste and is able to get a second chance,” said the owner/builder.

In addition to Hydrowood Myrtle, Hydrowood Huon Pine has also been sourced to make several pieces of furniture that are currently being crafted to fit within the modern Traralgon home. To further the contrast in timber, Baltic Pine and salvaged timber from an old bridge was also sourced from the range at Whelans, offering a truly one of kind home. 

This beautiful Myrtle would otherwise remain under water without the innovation of Hyrdowood
— Owner/builder