Also known as Tasmanian Sassafras, there are two types of timber, Blackheart and Golden.

Sassafras is an under-storey evergreen tree, growing extremely well in the cool temperate rainforests of Tasmania and reaches heights of around 25 metres. Sassafras has the most variable and dynamic colouring, the most spectacular being the Blackheart Sassafras. The blackheart occurs in some, produced by a fungus, which usually affects the tree after some crown damage resulting from storms or adjacent falling trees. Sassafras is particularly good as a veneer or as a solid timber, with knots providing another striking feature. Sassafras is highly valued in the furniture making industry for its ease of working and versatility, and is regarded by many as an intermediate between softwood and hardwood.


  • Furniture

  • Joinery

  • Cabinetry

  • Veneer

  • Craft



Density (kg/m3) unseasoned

Strength Group - unseasoned S6

Radial Shrinkage % 2.5

Lyctid Susceptible No

Colour Sapwood is white with heartwood pale or black (blackheart)

Grain Straight, even & smooth

Nailing Nail holes must be pre- drilled

Sawing Good

Turning Excellent

Gluing Good

Density (kg/m3) seasoned 600

Strength Group - seasoned SD5

Tangential Shrinkage %  6.5

Stability Excellent

Durable Not recommended for external use

Texture Fine and uniform

Screwing Pre-drilling recommended

Moulding Good

Bending Excellent

Finishing Good