Below the waters of Lake Pieman on Tasmania’s west coast lies a treasure hidden for over 25 years. An ancient forest lost to the deep, dark waters. Lost, that is, until today.

When David first flew his Cessna over Pieman Lake he never would have guessed at the treasure hidden below the water’s surface. Three years, and a lot of hard work later, David, Andrew and their team have discovered the largest quantity of environmentally friendly specialty Tasmanian timber found in years. That includes some of Tasmania’s rarest and most sought after timbers.

Most species we harvest are in short supply and almost never found as intact logs. And they certainly don’t come with such a unique story.

This isn’t recycled wood already used and full of rusty bolts and nails. And it isn’t reclaimed wood found on a musty forest floor, years dead and scavenged from amongst the leaf litter.

This is real wood. Solid timber that comes untouched and intact.

Wood that craftsmen and master builders dream of working with. Wood with a story to tell, a character like no other and in quantities thought never to be seen again. This is Hydrowood. And now it is available to you.