Below the morning mist and the glassy waters of Lake Pieman on Tasmania’s west coast lies a treasure hidden for over 25 years. An ancient forest – flooded and forgotten when the Pieman River was dammed to create hydro-electricity. Here, lost in the deep dark waters, ghostly trees still stand tall on the lake’s bottom. Lost, that is, until today.

Thanks to an incredible vision, and even more incredible feats of modern engineering, we are undertaking one of Australia’s most ambitious forestry projects. We are creating history by delving deep below the waters of Lake Pieman to resurrect the precious timber below. This project will unlock supplies of specialty timbers so scarce they were thought almost gone forever. Species such as Tasmanian Myrtle, Sassafras and even the legendary Huon Pine will once again be available in quantity.

This isn’t reclaimed wood, salvaged from some previous structure – already worked and full of bolts and nails. Nor is it a lonely log found years dead and scavenged from the leaf litter of a musty forest floor.

This is real timber. Timber (re) discovered. Timber that master builders dream of working with, harvested in a way you wouldn’t believe and in quantities the world thought it would never see again.