With heights in excess of 50 metres Eucalyptus (obliqua) is a well-known hardwood that is in high demand for a variety of applications, including internal flooring, paneling internal joinery and furniture.

A dense and resilient timber, it can be used in all forms of construction, and can be glue-laminated to cover long spans. Eucalypt is also renowned for its excellent staining qualities, with the raw timber varying in colour from a light straw to a reddish brown.


  • Flooring

  • Furniture

  • Laminating

  • General construction

  • Framing, lining & cladding

  • External Structures



Density (kg/m3) unseasoned 1000

Strength Group - unseasoned S3 & S4

Radial Shrinkage % 3.5

Lyctid Susceptible Sapwood, yes

Colour Light straw to reddish brown

Grain Straight, open & even

Nailing Pre-drilling often necessary

Sawing Good

Turning Excellent

Gluing Satisfactory

Density (kg/m3) seasoned 700

Strength Group - seasoned SD3 & SD4

Tangential Shrinkage %  6.5

Durable Exterior applications should be given a protective coating

Texture Uniform and smooth

Screwing Pre-drilling recommended

Moulding Good

Bending Fair to good

Finishing Good, stains well