V Conus Light

Designer Geoff Marshall recently surprised us with this stunning piece. The Conus V light feature veneer of Hydrowood Black-Heart Sassafras and featured at our launch at Mona.

Geoff Marshall is currently completing Honours in Bachelor of Environmental Design (Furniture) at the UTAS School of Architecture and Design in Launceston, Tasmania. He is focused on continuing to develop his capacity as a furniture and object designer. Building on his early interest in the visual arts Geoff is refining ideas around form and translating them into functional design pieces. Drawing inspiration from natural forms, cultural motifs and symbols (semiotics), Geoff’s current work practice is focused on combining new technology with traditional techniques to create responsible, accessible designs that have enduring appeal.

In talking about the Conus Light Geoff says "This collaboration with Hydrowood has been an opportunity to continue my exploration of natural forms in order to develop pieces, which embody my design philosophy of aesthetically appealing everyday objects.  The V Conus is a light that allows the user to engage with the form in a variety of ways. The features and colour of the Black Heart Sassafras Hydro Wood added an extra dimension to the design. A combination of metal and timber, the digitally fabricated components are hand-finished and assembled to ensure both quality and artistic integrity."

The team at Hydrowood are looking forward to working with Geoff on further collaborations.

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