The Pieman Collection Launches


Last week, Melbourne based furniture manufacturer Dessein launched The Pieman Collection at the Denfair 2016. Using inspiration from both the Hydrowood operation’s location and the timbers salvaged, four Australian designers have produced some immaculate furniture pieces from two iconic Tasmanian timber species, Hydrowood Blackwood and Hydrowood Celery Top Pine. For further information visit

Media Release from Dessein Furniture

Teaming up with Tasmanian boutique timber company, Hydrowood, and four leading Australian furniture designers, Dessein Furniture is excited to present its all-new furniture range, the Pieman Collection. Set to be officially launched at DENFAIR, 2 – 4 June 2016, the Pieman Collection is the fruition of many months of design incubation and development, delivering an elegant, distinctive and considered range of pieces that celebrates the beauty of the Australian landscape, lifestyle and culture.

Designed and produced locally, the collection is the first exclusive range made using new Australian specialty timbers sustainably sourced from the lakes of Tasmania. Named for its timber source, Lake Pieman, the collection pays homage to its unique material source. “The collection’s moniker references Lake Pieman in Tasmania, from where our beautiful timber logs are harvested,” said Dessein Founder, Michele Chow. “Each log is tagged and can be traced back to the global positioning of the lake, a man-made reservoir created by the damming of the Pieman River on the west coast of Tasmania.

The Pieman Collection is actually a physical engagement with the timber, the quality of this material and the story behind its origin,” Ms Chow said. Encompassing a full suite of chairs, tables, shelving and accessories for residential and commercial settings, the Pieman Collection is the result of close collaboration between Hydrowood, Dessein and Australian designers Simon Ancher, Nathan Day, Tom Fereday and Marcus Piper. “The collection evolved through a series of workshops held in Tasmania, Western Australia and many Skype conferences!” said Ms Chow. “The functional and technical development which has driven the collective and iterative design approach is hidden but an integral part of the design process.”

The result is a series of beautifully crafted, contemporary pieces that contain a series of cleverly integrated mechanisms that are integral to their design and construction. “Working with Simon, Nathan, Tom and Marcus, who I believe are four of Australia’s most talented designers, has allowed Dessein to create a dynamic fusion of fresh designs and creative inspiration,” said Ms Chow. “The collaborative development of the collection saw the designers become acquainted with the material, and begin to develop design concepts in tandem. During this process each designer brought uniquely different skills, perspectives, ideas and experiences to the table.

It was particularly apparent during our intensive ‘design incubator’ workshops that different aspects of the designers’ practices informed processes and decisions, and really shaped the final collection we see today.” Offering designers and consumers alike a new Australian design vernacular, the Pieman Collection highlights Dessein’s continued commitment to producing affordable, sustainable, authentic design. “We have locally manufactured this collection using regionally sourced sustainable materials, allowing us to pass on all the benefits of environmentally conscious and affordable design to our customers, and continuing to stay true to the Dessein story and vision,” said Ms Chow.


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