Sitting pretty - Myrtle bench

Andy Batson-Graham has an intuitive approach to design. Motivated by the profound impacts of teachings, observations and self-discoveries that have created meaning throughout his life. Andy trained as a sheet metal fabricator and spent many years in diverse industrial fields. Whilst exploring and refining his craft, he developed a love for finely crafted furniture and objects. Now having just  stepped out his final year of studying a Bachelor of Furniture Design at the University of Tasmania, he is armed with the makers’ skill and a discerning eye for challenging and diverse design project.

In working with Hydrowood Andy say “Working with the Hydrowood timbers has been a pleasurable and experimental experience. After I machined the first board of Myrtle I new it was a special timber. The timber is delicate and surprisingly very stable, even when it was reduced to seven millimeters thick. Whilst testing other timbers in the early stages of development, I noted that machining the timber seemed to have better results than American Red Cedar, which is a commonly used by timber canoe builders around the world. The Hydrowood bench has a soft bold form that is easily read as a sculptural skin. The thin strips of timber show off the unique variety of grain types at hand and perhaps the stories that have been lifted from the bottom of the lake.”

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