Andrew "Macca" McCarthy's Stubby Holders

I’ve always enjoyed being creative, working with tools, DIY and working with wood. I had never specialised in any particular field until back in May 2014, my wife stumbled across an advertisement for a beginner’s course in Woodturning. I initially baulked at it; normally when reading woodworking material I would skip past Woodturning articles thinking it was old school and boring! I decided to give it a try…

I remember walking into the training venue for the Woodturning course (taken by Brad Moss), and the feeling that overcame me. I felt like it was something that had been waiting for me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood tall! I remember the feeling vividly. Within a month I purchased my own lathe.

Since setting up a workshop at my home in Cremorne, Tasmania, I have spent many hours at the lathe. I like to design and make unique, useful, modern and artistic items with wood, using a range of woodworking techniques, especially woodturning. My aim is to prove that woodturning can be contemporary and has a place in our modern lifestyle. An example of this is my Wooden Stubby Holder design, where I have taken a commonly used utilitarian item, beautified it through timber, and increased functionality with an inset stainless steel bottle opener.

I’m inspired to use a range of Tasmanian and/or salvaged timbers, including Hydrowood varieties, for my woodturning.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Andrew ‘Macca’ McCarthy

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